PE Komunalec Bitola successfully completed the international project ‘Data collection on solid waste in SEE member states’ which lasted one year. Four countries participated in the project: Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The main objective was creating capacities in public communal enterprises and municipalities for efficient development and use of collected data, treatment and disposal of communal waste, as well as exchange of knowledge and good practice at a regional level.

During the project measurements were conducted four times in four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) in order to find out the quantities of waste produced on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola, and at the same time analyze the morphological composition of the generated waste.

Two computer tools were promoted during the project: SWIS (Solid Waste Informational System) and CFM (Cost and Finance Model), the purpose of which is to collect data about the composition and quantities of waste generated and to monitor the costs of managing waste.